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What is SToOSH!?

The SToOSH! customer is a creature from ulterior universe that has landed here on earth. One who is often misunderstood, stands out in crowds, makes their own rules only to break them, is not afraid to be a spectacle in fact we welcome it. One who thrives off of the whispers, stares, and pointing of mere mortals. We have traveled billions of miles to be unapologetically fierce. Trained from birth to serve. Our secret weapon...Confidence. SToOSH! customers have extremely high confidence levels which is known on the street as SWAG. The average SToOSH! customer has SWAG levels of a Hundred Thousand Trillion which deadly to earthlings. But we do not wish to harm earthlings. Therefore we must wear protective lens also known as Shades, for anyone who gazes upon us will turn green with envy and die. This is our burden We are SToOSH! Choose your Side!